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12 Best Golf Ball Retriever of 2021


You must have heard of the golf ball retriever. Golfers find it extremely difficult to retrieve the balls from pits and ponds. However, the retriever has come to the rescue now. Now, you will never have a problem, taking out the golf balls from the most inconvenient location. Moreover, there will be less accidents as well. So, you can rest assured that your balls are in safe hands now. These golf ball retrievers today have telescope-like attachments. You can use them in places where there are no retrievers as well.

Moreover, it may happen that you have to leave the golf course without the golf balls. However, if you buy the best golf ball retriever now, you will not have a problem returning. It is a long pole with a scoop at the end. The retriever is used to get the golf balls out of the waterway. Now, many of you might not want to use one. However, it is not such a nuisance. You can easily carry it with you to the place. Playing golf can be expensive, but there is no other option otherwise.

Our Top Pick of Best Golf Ball Retriever

Longridge Executive Ball RetrieverSamyo Portable Golf Ball RetrieverSearch and Rescue Retriever
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However, before you zero in on the perfect golf ball, there is a certain criterion to follow:

Length: This is an important feature. You never know where your ball lands up, so you have to check out the length. You can select a length of up to 10-20 feet to help you retrieve your ball from the oddest locations.

Retractable: You cannot carry a 10-20 feet golf ball retriever in your backpack, as it is next to impossible. Thus, you need a partially collapsible golf ball retriever. Some can even retract to 2 feet.

Weight: If you are among those who carry their golf bag around, this is important. If it is too heavy for you, then that will be a hindrance. If you are among the older lot, your problems may worsen with every shot.

List of Best Golf Ball Retrievers

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever, Black

Callaway C10400 15th Club Golf Ball Retriever
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The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is one of the best golf ball retriever today, which is the must-have accessory in your bag if you are a golfer. You may be at any level, from beginner to novice, but you need to have one in your life. There are no two ways to that. Moreover, the Callaway retriever comes in two sizes. Being made of stainless steel, it promises to have a good shelf life. The extender comes in aluminium alloy. This prevents the bending of the stick when you fully extend it. Moreover, you can easily pack it in your golf bag with the other golf clubs. It also includes a cover made from leather, which is classy at its best. It may even look like a club to some, from a distance. The retriever is just perfect for reaching all the bad spots in the golf course. The best ball retriever golf is here.

Key Features:

  • Two sizes – 15 feet and 6 feet
  • 45 inches retracted
  • The handle is hardy
  • Strong grip
  • Stainless retriever head
  • Extender is a high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Dual head zip-cover

IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

I GOTCHA Compact Stainless Steel Golf Ball Retriever
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The IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever is one of the best golf ball retriever today. If you have been looking for a golf ball retriever, this is one from the extensive range. Moreover, it is made from compact stainless steel. This is one compact design that you can store in your golf bag. It can collapse to less than 21 inches. It comes with a spring release ready head. To add to its features, the golf ball retriever has a spring-tapping action. The tough plastic head traps the ball, with its stainless steel spring mechanism. If you have been trying to hide your retractor, the short retracted length makes it possible. IGOTCHA technology is gaining popularity today so, the fast you get one for your golf sport, the trendier you look. It is no. 1 selling ball retriever today. Moreover, these are popular for their patented shaft, easy designs, and locking devices. The collapsible concept is fast gaining popularity today with most golfers.

Key Features:

  • 10 feet length
  • 14 feet extended reach
  • Collapses to 17.5 inches
  • Weighs 10 ounces
  • It is a great model
  • Spring-release function
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Best ball grabber

Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever (Royal Blue, 15-Feet)

Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever
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If you have been looking for the best golf ball retriever, your search ends here with Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever. The lightweight and durable retriever is what most people are looking for today. The retriever comes equipped with stainless steel rings and a lock bar. These are enough to hold the ball in place. Moreover, this ball retriever comes with a unique head design. It has the ability to hold the ball in place. Moreover, the retriever is water-resistant and aluminum-coated. It also comes with a protective dual-zip headcover. Now, you can keep it in your golf bag, without anyone even finding it out. It expands to around 15 feet. That is quite some length, and most would be in favor. You just need to drop the mechanism over the ball, and it will automatically scoop it inside the enclosure. There may be times when you have to take it out manually; however, that is an exception. Faults can happen to any retriever. The device is light as well. So, you don’t have to run for cover. The device is also very sturdy so that it will stay with you for a long time. Once you get habituated with it, there won’t be any problem.

Key Features:

  • Place and lift motion
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Weather-resistant
  • Aluminum coated body
  • Has a dual-zip headcover
  • Sturdy
  • Solidly made head

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever, Ultra Lite

Callaway Ultra-Lite Pocket Ball Retriever
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The Callaway Ultra Lite Retractable Golf Ball Retriever is great ball retriever golf. Now, with this around, none of your golf balls will be stuck in the drain. The Ultra-lite ball retriever makes golf simple. It is so lightweight that you will not be able to make out if you are carrying one. So, transport it anywhere you like. It emulates one of the golf clubs in your golf bags. So, no one can ever find out. Anyway, it is completely legal. It will not be a problem for you. Now, you can always reach the most difficult spots to fish out your golf ball. Just release and lock – that’s it. You don’t need to scramble around. The circular head design is a great feature today. You can scoop up the ball in no time. And, it holds on until you fish out the ball into your sweet spot. The Callaway golf ball retriever is your friend now and forever.

Key Features:

  • Extends to about 9 feet
  • Retracts to 18 inches
  • Circular head design
  • Lightweight
  • Fits inside pockets of most golf bags
  • Works well in soft conditions
  • Picks up balls from water

Search and Rescue Spring Loaded Golf Ball Retriever, Silver/Orange/White, 18-Feet

Search 'N Rescue Spring Loaded Golf Ball Retriever
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The Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retrievers is the best golf ball retriever in class today. You can do your best in less time. That is, retrieving golf balls. This spring-loaded retriever is going great. Moreover, you can use it in no time. You have to place the device over the ball, and Whoah, it will fish up in no time. Reset trigger to release the ball onto soft land. The device has telescopic abilities, and that is what makes it all the more attractive. The Search ‘n’ Rescue mechanism is a great device to take the ball out from hard to reach places. Now, you don’t have to sprain your ankles. Moreover, you will be fascinated by the heavy-duty spring. Just set it quickly with the help of a trigger. This durable and functional device can serve as the whole world to you. The length is something; you have to give special mention of.

Key Features:

  • Release and reset function is easy
  • Spring-loaded mechanism
  • Anodized aluminum handle
  • Two-color head
  • Heavy-duty spring design
  • Great length on expansion – 18 feet

Datrek IG20203 IGOTCHA JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever, 10′ Reach, Blue

Datrek IG20203 IGOTCHA JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever
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The Datrek IG20203 IGOTCHA has rave reviews as an Amazon golf ball retriever. It is a cool device for all you golfers out there. The 18-feet best golf ball retriever comes with a chrome steel shaft and a single piece head design. Now, you will get the best benefits out of it. There are no shifting components in this golf ball fetcher. Moreover, this ultra-compact retriever can do the trick. It collapses to 21 inches, so you can easily accommodate it into your golf bag. Furthermore, it only weighs 19 ounces. Patented stainless steel technology is what drives it further. It also boasts of an excellent co-molded rubber grip design. This holds the ball in place. Now, you can reach muddy pools, puddles, and more during the rains as well. It is the compact form attracting many golfers today. You will be spoilt for choice. Now, playing golf in any weather whatsoever is a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Single-piece head design
  • No movable parts to disturb
  • Very compact model
  • 6 ft. length and 10 ft. reach
  • Collapsible to 15.5 inches
  • Maintains the ball in place

Samyo Portable Retractable Scoop Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever Pick Up Steel Saver Shaft…

Samyo Portable Retractable Scoop Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever
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The Samyo Portable Retractable Scoop Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever Pick Up Steel Saver Shaft Tool is a best golf ball retriever, that is value for money as well. Moreover, its finish and make of the device will amaze you. You can extend it to a maximum length of 2 meters. No matter where your ball lands up, you can retrieve it now. The automatic locking device in place scoops the ball and prevents it from falling. The stainless steel shaft is commendable. Moreover, you can carry it everywhere with you, as it is portable. The device is very strong and will be with you for a good length of time. It weighs just 7 ounces. Isn’t that great? The telescopic design is attracting golfers from around the globe. Many golfers today are looking forward to buying this product. Retrieve your ball from under the fence or in a muddy pool without any hassle. The elegant-looking device is serving customers with great gusto. Thus, deliver the best shots with this wonderful device.

Key Features:

  • Telescopic design
  • Reached length of 2 m
  • Retrieves ball from all places
  • Auto-locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Portable and light
  • Weighs just 7 ounces
  • Compact design
  • Fits into a soft bag

JP Lann 15′ Foot Golf Ball Retriever w/EZ-View Orange Pressure Head

JP Lann 15' Foot Golf Ball Retriever
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The JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers is a good golf ball water retriever. They come with a metal hinge or the orange pressure cup styles. You can select from various sizes such as 9, 12, 15, or 18 feet. The shaft is made up of black anodized aluminum, which will be a great addition to any golf bag. There are excellent locking mechanisms that the shaft comes with. You need to place the device on the ball and retrieve it. It can also rotate 180 degrees. You will be amazed to know that this product is good and sturdy. The body is excellently made. Moreover, the makers have decided to give the best service by wrapping it in great packaging. You need 10 minutes or more to open the packaging on arrival, but it is easy to work with.

Key Features:

  • Metal hinged
  • Orange pressure cup style
  • Various size choices
  • Well-made device
  • Holds the ball pretty well
  • Holds ball tight, until released

Brand Fusion 18ft Telescopic Ball Retriever

Brand Fusion 18ft Telescopic Ball Retriever
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The Golfers Club 18ft Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever is an excellent golf ball retriever. It has 18 ft. telescopic reach. And that is quite commendable. The ball clip and scoop system work well, in most circumstances. It is a perfect device to scoop out the balls from almost all hard to reach places. Moreover, it is a compact device. So, you can use it well anywhere. To top it all, it is very light and portable. Just put it inside your golf bag and head towards the golf course. Moreover, balls stuck beneath fences is a thing of the past now. You can get the best leverage in your game if you keep on using this device. This best golf ball retriever will be delivered to you as described.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact body
  • Twist and lock telescopic shaft
  • Cup type ball collector
  • Reasonable price
  • Great golf ball water retriever
  • Has extra length

Golf Ball Retriever, Telescopic Practical Golf Picker Practical Antenna Ball Pick-up Tool…

Golf Ball Retrieve
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The Vbestlife Golf Ball Retriever is one of the good ones around. Now, you can play golf better than your friends and opponents. Moreover, you have an extra edge so, play without fear. You can now fetch your balls from any damn place and play with ease. The stainless steel telescopic best golf ball retriever can scoop out your ball from any place on Earth without any accidents. The comfortable handle grip of the retriever is good for you. Now, you can just pack this piece in a golf bag and move forth. It is a must-have today if you are a golfer. See the ball anywhere and pick it up. The stainless steel shaft is light in weight and strong enough for long term use. In addition, the auto-lock mechanism can do a lot for you. The ball is prevented from dropping anywhere. There are many devices in this category to get confused so, take care while choosing the best one.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel
  • Colors include white/yellow
  • 8-sections golf ball picker
  • Telescopic golf ball retriever
  • Light
  • Portable
  • Auto-locking device

Longridge Executive Ball Retriever – Black

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The Longridge Executive Ball Retriever is a great tool if you are a golfer. It has a long length and is built well. The ball recovery tool will help you by all means. The ball retriever is very sturdy at its best. You need not feel unhappy about the ball retriever. Its an excellent value for money tool to use today. Moreover, the long reach has enabled people to retrieve the ball from far of places. The Head is made of plastic. Longridge is an excellent tool for you today. You can use it and carry it with you everywhere. Drop your golf ball into a fish pond or a muddy puddle. In short, there is no place on Earth, where you cannot reach with this best golf ball retriever.

Key Features:

  • Dual zip headcover
  • Strong grip handle
  • Stainless steel retriever
  • 15 feet
  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent device for golfers

Golfers Club 9ft Compact Ball Retriever

Golfers Club 9ft Compact Ball Retriever
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The Golfers Club 9ft Compact Ball Retriever is another excellent retriever tool that you can use today. Now, you can sit back, relax, and experiment with the best shots today. You can shoot the ball to the farthest of places. And, fret not as the retriever tool is in place. You can now use this best golf ball retriever tool for your game. The device sits in the bag and does not disturb your other equipment. It has 9 feet, telescopic reach. Most golfers should try this antennae ball retriever once in their lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Cup-type head collector
  • Telescopic design
  • Soring support
  • Unique ball-cage

FAQs for Best Golf Ball Retriever

Q. Do you get a replacement for the golf ball heads?

A. Many of these golf ball retrievers have warranties. So, the company can itself replace the heads. Most companies offer replacement under warranty free of cost. Moreover, if you have finished the warranty then buy it. This is the most that you can do. Accidents do occur. So, you have to be prepared for that.

Q. My retriever has broken. What should I do?

A. This is a common problem nowadays. The golf ball retriever may fail to extend many times. Just make sure to lubricate the shaft well. That should solve your problem. Make use of the Vaseline in your girlfriend’s vanity. This will fix your problem in no time. Now, you can do much more with your golf ball retriever.

Q. How to choose the best one?

A. There are quite a few factors to keep in mind. Ball security is very important. There should be a pick and lock design. You should also pay ample attention to the shaft length. They should be able to reach tighter spots. The longer the shaft, the greater are chances to retrieve it from ponds and muddy puddles. Moreover, you should have a handle for a better grip and comfortable to hold. Stability is another factor to take care of. Lightweight buy is a key, along with stability.