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List of 13 Best Yoga Mats

Best Yoga Mats

Health experts have spoken about the importance of exercise repeatedly. One does not need to become a fitness freak, but simply make time for 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day. Regular exercise is an assured method of taking care of the internal functioning within your body. Your muscles are exercised, and there is normalized blood flow to all organs of the body. All that junk food you eat and all those sedentary hours spent working can be neutralized by adopting daily exercise.

Posture is essential during exercise. A high-quality exercise mat ensures that your posture while lying down is unaffected by the surface. The sweaty and sticky feeling also reduces when a thick exercise mat is used, as all the sweat gets absorbed. Soft material mats that take the shape of your body are an exceptional remedy to ensure that you are given maximum comfort while working out.

Our Top Pick of Best Yoga Mat

All-Purpose 12-Inch Extra Thick Yoga MatGaiam Essentials Thick Yoga MatBalanceFrom GoYoga
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However, choosing the perfect fitness mat is critical by keeping in mind your size, kind of workout, location of exercise, washable or not, thickness, etc. Purchasing something relevant to your needs makes sure that your investment is worth every penny –

Thickness: Thickness is the most critical factor when choosing workout floor mats. The best thick yoga mat comes with a longer life of the product. Typically, mats more than 0.7 cm in thickness are perfect.

Type of Mat: Are you doing high-intensity training? Are you doing yoga-like exercises? Yoga-like exercises would demand longer mats as more significant surface area makes yoga more comfortable.

Washable: Make sure your mat can be washed without causing wear and tear, irrespective of the material. The sweaty stench must be easy-to-remove while causing minimal discoloration or shrinkage.

List of Best Yoga Mat

1. Heathyoga ProGrip Best Non Slip Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

Heathyoga ProGrip Non Slip Yoga Mat
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Are you tired of interrupting your already short duration workouts due to slippage? The Healthyoga ProGrip Best Non Slip Yoga Mat imparts a strong grip and completely erases the slippery discomfort due to its non-slippery design. This product is not only a great addition to your exercise gear because of its quality, but it also has instructional alignment lines. These lines will direct you on how to align your hands and feet to make sure your body is perfectly straight.

Healthyoga’s workout mat gets rid of sweat smell quickly. It is PVC-free and has no presence of ozone-depleting substances. Moreover, the TPE-bottom has enough layers ensuring your yoga moves help you to unlock untapped energies within your body.

Key Features:

  • 5 mm thickness for ideal cushioning and support
  • Large size – suitable for most yoga formats
  • Added Velcro strap for convenient storage and transportation
  • Polyurethane material erases the possibility on annoying slippage
  • TPE bottom with added layers for greater comfort
  • Absorbent surface provides a permanently excellent grip

2. Manduka PRO Best Yoga Mat for Beginners

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
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The Manduka PRO Premium Yoga Mat has been designed to give birth to a surface that restricts sweat from seeping through the mat. The closed-cell surface of the mat is ultra-dense to increase the performance of the person. These foam exercise mats are free of industrial chemicals and certified by the OEKO-TEX standards. Expect maximum protection of your joints due to the high-quality cushioning provided by Manduka.

Are you worried about losing grip while you shed buckets of sweat on your exercise mat? Do not worry! The manufacturers have laid extra focus on ensuring a tight grip to make exercising a more enjoyable experience. As long as you wipe the best yoga mat for beginners right after the workout, you can expect no sort of damage or wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • High-density closed-cell surface to reduce seeping of sweat
  • Certified by standards of OEKO-TEX – non-toxic materials
  • Folding exercise mat for ease-of-use and packing
  • Grip improves with more frequent usage
  • High-quality materials ensure zero-occurrences of peeling or fading

3. BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High-Density Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High Density Non-Slip Exercise Yoga Mat
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The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose High-Density workout mat has been sewed intricately to impart a comforting sensation on the body of its users. Although it is marketed as all-purpose, the best way to use it is for yoga. The best non slip yoga mat will save you from all those minor and significant injuries that your exercises can lead to. Moreover, moisture-resistant technology makes it safe for washing. The material has an attached anti-tearing net to ensure that this mat stays with you for the long run.

Take it to your gym, yoga centre, or even the beach with minimal hassle due to its lightweight and easy strapping feature. This best yoga mat for beginners provides you with 3 assured attributes to make your yoga experience more fun – elegance, durability, and high-density surface.

Key Features:

  • Moisture-resistant technology makes it easy-to-wash with soap
  • Added strap and lightweight makes it easy-to-carry
  • The foam material is of high-density for better grip
  • ¼’’ thickness proves ideal for all yoga movements
  • Non-slip traction protects users from injuries

4. BalanceFrom All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom BFGY-AP6GY Go Yoga All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat
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The thickness of your workout mats decides how durable your product is! The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose High-Density Velcro Mat is a whole 1/2 ‘’ thick and made using high-density foam materials. Be it your hips, elbows, knees, or endless butt bridges – you will have comfortable cushioning. The design of the best yoga mat for beginners consists of dozens of vertical ridges. This gives rise to a moisture-resistant technology that can easily handle detergents and water.

Despite the lightweight and comfortable folding, you will also get access to a Velcro strap to ensure that a better hold is provided. The 71’’ by 24’’ dimensions prove suitable for most adults of all sizes. Well, there may be possibilities of some indentation to occur on your mat. Therefore, if you do not mind, your stretching mat gradually changes shape, then this best thick yoga mat might suit you.

Key Features:

  • Velcro strap for ease-of-transport and packing
  • The slip-resistant foam keeps injuries at bay
  • ½’’ thickness is more significant than the standard size
  • Lightweight fold exercise mat makes it portable
  • High-density foam material imparts extreme comfort

5. Gaiam Essentials Best Thick Yoga Mat For Fitness & Exercise

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness
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Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or simply a fitness enthusiast, the Gaiam Essentials Best Thick Yoga Mat has features that take care of all your needs. This large exercise mat has been made using NBR foam and doesn’t even have a trace of toxic chemicals in its manufacturing process. Expect an ideal textured grip design that allows you to stay for poses in longer without any slipping. It could be one of the top exercise floor mats due to the added 2/5’’ thickness. Comfort, convenience, and durability are assured qualities.

No more loosely packed mats while you carry them around. You will also get an easy-to-use clinch strap with hook and loop fasteners for keeping your mat packed and tight at all times.

Key Features:

  • 2/5’’ thickness is more prominent than standard exercise mats
  • Easy-clinch carry strap provides added mat security
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry around
  • Longer and more extensive than the average exercise mat
  • Durable NBR foam is free of the 6P’s

6. Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat, Thunder, 71″

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat, Thunder, 71
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The variety of colors and elegance of each Manduka PROlite Best Yoga Mat makes it a top candidate for the best exercise mat in the market. The majority of the features that you need are present in this best thick yoga mat. The ultra-dense cushioning provides extreme comfort and support for all fitness activities. Be it yoga, Tabata, pilates, fitness, or any general fitness workout. Although less thick than the other mats, at 1/5’’, rigidness and softness are assured due to the premium quality material used.

Are you sensitive to latex? Don’t worry anymore! The entire product is 100% latex-free and cleansed of all manufacturing chemicals. Manduka has ensured that the materials used to make this exercise floor mat are biodegradable and thus environment-friendly in the long run.

Key Features:

  • Made from biodegradable natural tree fiber (zero waste)
  • High-performance mat despite the lesser thickness
  • Certified by Oeko Tex standards ensures safe materials
  • Premium materials add to high levels of comfort
  • Gutter grease cutter with dish soap reduces slippage

7. BalanceFrom GoYoga+ All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga+ All-Purpose 12-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat
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The BalanceFrom GoYoga + All-Purpose Extra Thick mat measures 71’’ in length and 24’’ in width, making it perfect for adults of all sizes. It is one of the best thick yoga mat due to the additional 3/5’’ thick-knee pad provided. Slipping would have to be the least of your worries with this product. One side of the best yoga mat for beginners is coated with non-slip materials in a design that adds to the slip-resistant advantage. Expect to feel every yoga or fitness move just as you are supposed to feel it.

Get a super tight grip for a more exceptional ability to maintain your posture, irrespective of the type of yoga or other exercises you are doing. Carry it in your car or your hands while you go to the gym and expect the least packing disturbances. The secure strapping mechanism ensures you have nothing to worry about.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip design or surface on either side
  • Lightweight workout mat makes it convenient to transport
  • Free mat strap makes it simple to store
  • Additional 3/5’’ knee-pad is provided for added comfort
  • Assured non-slip traction and comfortable cushioning

8. AmazonBasics Best Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

AmazonBasics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat
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What is a better and trustworthy provider than Amazon? The AmazonBasics ½-inch best thick yoga mat is more significant than most other options in length and made from 100% NBR foam. Consider it perfect for all kinds of fitness exercises. The surface is intricately textured to increase the ability to maintain a strong grip. Isn’t the purpose of a mat to separate you from the floor? The ½ inch thickness ensures that whether you stand or jump, you won’t feel the force of the flooring.

Unlike merely providing you with a strap to tie your gym exercise mat, expect to get an attached shoulder strap. It allows you to carry the workout mat in a similar style to a gym bag. Not to forget, the extreme lightweight makes this best yoga mat on amazon a go-to option for most buyers!

Key Features:

  • Extra thick at ½ inches to provide more exceptional cushioning
  • Strap extendable to a shoulder style carry-bag
  • Durability is assured due to pure NBR foam
  • Perfectly textured surface for a more excellent grip
  • High-quality lightweight foam adds to the portability

9. Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible Extra Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga
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The Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm is definitely unlike the gymnastics mats at Walmart, due to its unique, visually appealing design. You can choose from several exemplary yogi designs such as the sundial, mandala, yogini, or many more. It is your opportunity to delve into your inner yogi and master the coolest yoga moves! Another reason this is amongst the best yoga mat for beginners is due to the added downloadable yoga workout CD fur further guidance. Both sides of the mat have different designs while also showcasing their slip-resistant attributes. Along with unique designs, it also improves your mental and physical grip.

Make sure you leave it in the open for a couple of days after receiving the package (due to the print). It gets rid of all the chemical smell, if at all.

Key Features:

  • Designs inspire a yoga aura and enhance experiences
  • Non-slip surfaces on either side of the mat
  • Strong grip on either side of the mat
  • Made of non-toxic and free of 6P PVC
  • Extra thick to provide a comforting cushioning feeling

10. Gaiam Best Non Slip Yoga Mat for Exercise & Fitness

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat
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The Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm (68’’ by 24’’) work out mat has got all the qualities that a budding yoga student is looking for. Right from the aesthetics due to the mesmerizing and attractive yoga-oriented designs to the 6mm thickness, each attribute of this mat will make you want it more! The materials used to make this mat are free of the 6Ps that are harmful to the environment. Biodegradable mats are the way to go if you are centered towards connecting with yourself and nature.

The thickness and non-slip surfaces are so perfect that you will feel the comforting cushioning experience on your throbbing joints and exhausted muscles. To top it all, you will also get access to the Gaiam Yoga Studio App to learn from several free videos by expert yoga instructors.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip surface ensures a strong posture holding
  • Designed to bring out your inner yogic self
  • 6 mm thickness contributes to the durability
  • Access to the Gaiam Studio Yoga application
  • The application allows creating combined poses for personalized classes

11. Liforme Original – The World’s Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat
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The Liforme Orginal Yoga Mat is the best workout mat due to its patented alignment system. There are linings on the mat that navigate you to make the perfect posture with regards to your neck, head, shoulders, hips, and legs. You can add an ideal navigational tool to your yoga asana practice. Enough of those “is my posture correct?” doubts lingering in your head. Another benefit is the focus that Liforme has put on the grip providing ability. Irrespective of sweating, your grip will remain just as you want.

The materials used are eco-polyurethane and of natural rubber to be friendly towards all types of human skin. Due to this, it also comes under the category of biodegradable workout mats, making it an environment-friendly purchase.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary and patented alignment system for added guidance
  • Extra focus on a unique grip-providing ability
  • Engineered using eco-polyurethane and natural rubber material
  • Wider and longer than ordinary exercise mats
  • PVC free materials ensure the safety of skin

12.UGO Yoga Mat Pilates and Floor Exercises Fitness

UGO Yoga Mat Pilates and Floor Exercises Fitness Eco Friendly
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The ideal way to ensure that all your Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and other yoga practices can occur smoothly is the specialized UGO Rubber Yoga Extra Large Mat. The materials used, impart an anti-skid feature that allows you to continue your practice swiftly despite all those continuously pouring drops of sweat. Worried that your knees won’t get the stability you need? UGO best yoga mat for beginners creators are aware of this discomfort that people face and have ensured to strengthen the cushioning for maximum comfort.

This padded exercise mat uses natural rubber that ensures it has a constant anti-tear ability to accompany you on all indoor and outdoor workout sessions. The materials are so intricately bound that the possibility of flaking and peeling will never occur. Will your mat fade? No! We can rely on UGO’s best non slip yoga mat.

Key Features:

  • Textured bottoms contribute to incredible traction
  • Anti-skid surfaces call for more prolonged and extensive sessions
  • High-end cushioning adds to spot-on stability
  • Waterproof and sweatproof makes it easy-to-clean
  • A tri-fold exercise mat can be folded further

13. Sivan Best Thick Yoga Mat for Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates

Sivan Health and Fitness 12-InchExtra Thick 71-Inch Long NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat
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The Sivan Health and Fitness ½ inch best thick yoga mat can easily be carried on your shoulder like a gym bag and rolled out to a length of 71 inches. Mostly 99% of all adults can comfortably fit onto these exercise mats with space to spare. The durable and ½ inch thick foam has been designed to protect your knees and joints from any unintended strain. Expect stability for all your postures due to the smooth surface on one end and the ribbed surface on the other end. A good grip is a priority while working on fitness, and Sivan assures you to provide this feature.

This is more of a travel exercise mat due to its lightweight, compactness, and stylish shoulder-carrying feature. Expect a significant thickness along with NBR foam and a high-density front side.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-density foam for durability
  • Detachable carry strap for more comfortable transportation
  • NBR foam gives superior absorption ability
  • Ribbed surface makes mat extra stable

FAQs for Best Yoga Mat

Q. How important is the storage factor?

A. You definitely will not be using the mat throughout the day. You need a compact mat that can roll up quickly and be stored in a corner, causing minimum occupancy of space. Irrespective of the thickness, foam material, and length – as long as the mat rolls up easily and an attachable strap contains the roll, you have done the best you could. Some mats even have little holes on the top end to hand on racks in gyms and fitness centers.

Q. Can I clean my mat with water and soap?

A. Always check the instructions before you decide to clean or wash your mat for the first time. Most of the mats listed above are high-end and can usually survive cleaning with water and soap. Worried, you may spoil it? Don’t stress. You can use a little detergent every weekend and give it a mild wipe. It will surely cleanse your foam exercise mat or even thick gym mats.

Q. What material mats should I purchase?

A. The best option would be a high-density EVA foam mat that is capable of absorbing shock, reducing the occurrence of squeaky noises, and avoiding the seepage of sweat to the floor below. Make sure the material provides added cushioning to impart a comforting sensation on all your joints while you work out. Polyurethane materials are known to be durable, take the shape of the user, and easy-to-clean in the long run.