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Best Golf Putting Mat 2021 {Review}


Golf is a unique sport; the lowest score wins. Golf is not just a physical exercise game, but 90% of the game is mental and helps to stay focused and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression to some extent. It is one of the sports, which is not age bound. You can be a part of the golfer’s community even in your old age days because golf requires minimal physical effort. Many sports need a proper arena to practice and get better, but golf is not one of them. You can buy an indoor golf putting mat and start developing your putting skills at home.

SharperGolf Premium Indoor Golf Putting MatPutt-A-Bout Best Golf Putting MatGrassroots Par Three Best Golf Putting Mat
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You are a golf enthusiast but can’t go outside regularly? Or are you working in an office and want to practice putting in short breaks with your colleagues? Not an issue anymore; use the indoor golf putting mat and never get out of practice. Before we review the best golf putting mat, we must know what characteristics one premium golf mat should possess. So, let us go through the buying guide of putting mats.

Size – One of the most important characteristics of a golf putting practice mat is size. It comes in variable sizes. Keep in mind where you are going to use this golf mat in your hall, backyard, or office. Having a couple of inches extra is always a bonus, in my opinion.

Quality – It’s obvious, but still one of the main things to consider while buying the best golf putting mat. The turf must be sturdy and anti-skid. The material used should be of high quality and must be lightweight to carry and practice anywhere.

Automatic Ball Return – Automatic ball return feature brings consistency in practice and makes your sessions interruption-free. The premium quality golf mats usually have this feature, which helps you master the swing.

So, let us review our best indoor golf mats.

Best Golf Putting Mat – Review

1. Putt-A-Bout Indoor Golf Putting Mat, 3 x 11-Feet, Green

Putt-A-Bout Best Golf Putting Mat
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Are you looking for the best indoor golf putting mat? You can practice your swing without skipping a single day. Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat is the right fit for you. This amazing putting mat is designed to imitate actual putting conditions. It has a large 11 feet long and 36 inches wide putting area, which is ideal for indoor or even outdoor usage. Whether you want to use this golf mat in your residential area or at the workplace, it will work fine at both locations.

The 36 inches wide green helps a golfer to stand on the putting surface and putt from different angles. It offers the perfect speed to the ball, and you can even slow down the speed by brushing or sweeping in the opposite direction of the putt. This indoor golf putting mat is designed for repetitive practice with little to no maintenance required. The putt has a premium back that eliminates folds and creases in the putting surface. Putt-a-bout golf putting practice mat is best for beginners and comes at a very affordable price.

Key Features:

  • 36 inches wide green
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Includes two moveable cups
  • Perfect for beginners

2. Champkey PUTTECH PRO Indoor Golf Putting Mat

Champkey PUTTECH PRO Indoor Golf Putting Mat
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Do you love to play golf but can’t go in the field due to harsh weather conditions? Then ChampKey PUTTECH PRO Indoor Golf Putting Mat is the solution. You can practice your game anywhere you want to with this indoor putting mat. It is 8.9 ft x 1.28 ft large indoor putting green, bunker, and water hazard help to build the putting accuracy. The mat is anti-skid, and its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The continuous ball return system permits you to have long practice sessions without intrusion, which makes this golf mat unique and best golf putting mat out there. Because of the smart ball return system, you can continue practice without resetting that helps to focus on maintaining a steady short and congruous flow on every putt, resulting in making your swing training more productive and fruitful. This ultimate feature results in brushed up accuracy and substantial dominance on every single putt.

Key Features:

  • No-slip and high-quality bottom
  • Bunker and water hazard design
  • Compact and lightweight to carry
  • Automatic ball return feature
  • Helps to develop accuracy and control on every putt
  • Offers alignment guides

3. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Golf Putting Mat with Ball Return

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Golf Putting Mat with Ball Return
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Do you want to gift the best golf putting mat for the swing practice to your golfer friend? Then, SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green is a perfect one for you. It is specifically designed for developing accuracy and control. This 9 feet long and 16.25 inches wide golf putting mat will fit well in your backyard or office hall. The design is very compact and lightweight to carry it anywhere you want to.

The putt offers precise alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet, which promote consistency in every aspect of putting motion. One of the best features SKLZ Accelerator Pro indoor golf putting mat is the continuous ball return, allowing uninterrupted training sessions. Accelerator Pro features a gentle slope at the cup so you can practice accelerating through the ball. You can take your practice sessions on a completely new level with this indoor putting green.

Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight, weighing just 3.5 pounds
  • Promotes accuracy and control
  • Premium and durable material
  • Continuous ball return feature
  • Can be used in office, gardens, and backyards

4. SharperGolf 10′ x 20″ Premium Indoor Golf Putting Mat

SharperGolf Premium Indoor Putting Mat
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There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to indoor golf putting mat, but very few are premium and provide value as SharperGolf Premium golf putting practice mat. SharperGolf putting mat comes in a perfect size (10 feet x 20 inches) for indoor golf practice. The golf mat has multiple numbers of putting areas from 1 foot to 8 feet planned, putting lengths.

Unlike other golf mats, this lay-flat straight away and requires no brushing or sweeping of fibers after every putt. It promotes unhindered practice sessions.

This golf putting mat is created to have fun with your friends and family and improve your skills simultaneously. It will keep things fun and interesting for hours. The mat possesses three guided lines to know if the ball is rolling straight. SharperGolf putting mat apparatus permits you to keep your golf game awesome all year even if you can’t go to the field regularly. In short, SharperGolf Premium Indoor Golg Putting Mat is created to be a perfect putting practice mat.

Key Features:

  • Lays flat on the ground instantly
  • Premium non-slip bottom
  • Includes putting mirror in the package
  • Includes storage bag and 2 green colored pen

5. GoSports Tri-Turf XL Golf Putting Practice Mat

GoSports Tri-Turf XL Golf Putting Practice Mat
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Are you looking for a huge indoor golf putting practice mat with exceptional artificial grass? GoSports Tri-Turf XL Golf Practice Hitting Mat is the one. It is a huge 24” x 24” Tri-Turf XL golf putting mat to master the skill. This golf mat is designed to last hundreds of practice sessions. It is a huge but portable training mat, giving the benefit of practicing anywhere anytime. Ranging from the teed up driving, rough, or realistic surface, this GoSports Tri-turf XL golf mat allows you to practice every shot, unlike other golf mats.

If you are an experienced golfer, you’ll love the finest put-on grass. People who are just starting will have the advantage of practicing their golf skills on the best possible thing other than the golf course itself. This best golf putting mat has high-quality rubber base grips to the surfaces to ensure that the mat never moves from your swings. Sharpen your golf skills with GoSports Tri-Turf XL golf mat.

Key Features:

  • Pure putt challenge putting cups
  • XL size for confident practice sessions at all skill levels
  • Huge but easy to carry anywhere
  • High-quality rubber base
  • Durable and long-lasting quality

6. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Grassroots Par Three Best Golf Putting Mat
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Are you on a hunt for a budget-friendly and beginner level indoor putting green? This Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is a great option for you. It is a value money product and offers great features to practice your swing. This 9” x 3” large and kidney-shaped is one of the best putting aids. It is manufactured from PET resin (polyethene terephthalate), which is lightweight and strong plastic, offering a high-quality putting surface and staying smooth during long putting sessions.

It has built-in sand trap cutouts to catch your mixed shots, which is a very useful feature. The back of the golf putting mat is made up of high-quality material and does not skid during the putting practice sessions. The mat offers 3 practice cups cutouts to aim, which are plenty at beginner or even for intermediate level. Folding the mat is very easy and designed to use instantly without any hassle to assemble every time.

Key Features:

  • 108 x 36 x 2 inches large and weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured from PET resin
  • 3 practice cups
  • Anti-slip back

7. Rukket Indoor & Outdoor Golf Putting Practice Mat

Rukket Indoor & Outdoor Golf Putting Practice Mat
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It is always handy to buy a bundle instead of buying all the important equipment separately. Keeping this in mind, the Rukket golf putting mat offers not only indoor putting green but a lot of accessories with it.

No matter what your age or skill level, this mat will be perfect to practice in your backyard or even in the office lobby. The inclusion of limited flight balls makes this a family-friendly, safe practice tool. You must be wondering what is included in the bundle. Here are few things you will get in this bundle – rukket high quality 3 holes, trap putting green, rukket collapsible alignment sticks, rukket haack golf chipping target, armband swing trainer, and limited flight practice balls.

The inclusion of skeet golf chipping targets as well as the best golf putting mat will make sure golfers are deadly around the green. Armband swing trainer helps to keep a consistent tempo throughout the practice sessions. With rocket’s indoor golf putting mat bundle, you can improve every dimension of the game.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Rukket’s 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee
  • A lot of accessories are included to improve your skill
  • Safe and family-friendly tools

8. Professional Indoor Golf Putting Mat for Home & Office

Professional Indoor Golf Putting Mat for Home & Office
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Are you looking for the best golf putting mat to upgrade your golf game? SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat is all about helping you to improve your posture, rhythm, backswing, and follow-through, which will eventually improve your complete performance. It is 38 x 9 x 9 inches large and weighs around 7.6 pounds, which makes it easy to carry outdoors. This putting mat has a brand new style and refined rubber backing, which is sturdy than average golf mat ensuring no issue with footmark creases or knocking golf ball offline. It keeps your masterstroke as sharp as possible.

The surface of the mat feels like the nearest thing to practice in the golf course, unlike other regular putting mats that only possess one hole. Here, on the best golf practice putting mat, you will get three profound holes to let you execute shots from a different perspective and stretches. In addition, the mat has a minute upward elevation that seems more legit, unlike the plastic ones.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for beginners and pros
  • Feels just like a real golf course green
  • Natural elevation, the ball rolls true
  • Helps to master distance control and speed

9. JEF WORLD OF GOLF Professional Large Golf Putting Mat

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Professional Large Golf Putting Mat
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Do you need professional, realistic, and large golf putting mat? JEF WORLD OF GOLF Professional Large Realistic Putting Mat is of premium quality and professional indoor and outdoor large golf putting mat. Its size is 3’ x 6’ with approximately 2’ x 8’6” surface inside the border, which is huge to practice putting indoors and offers realistic premium turf putting surface to feel. It acts like a real putting green, unlike other indoor putting mats in the market.

This golf putting mat comes with 2 putting holes and flags, which boosts the accuracy. It has a thick padded rubber base on the bottom side that speaks for its quality, and the speed of the rolling ball is almost perfect. The mat itself mimics a true large golf putting mat well for being artificial. It is a perfect gift for your loved one, who is a golf athlete. This mat is designed for sincere golf enthusiasts who want to polish their putting skills.

Key Features:

  • Padded rubber base for comfort and quality
  • Realistic and high-quality turf
  • Large enough for every skill level

10. PROADVANCED ProInfinity Golf Putting Mat

PROADVANCED ProInfinity Golf Putting Mat
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Everyone loves extra in everything, right? The company kept this in mind while designing PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat – 4 speed Golf Green Simulator and brought the advanced indoor putting mat for you. Its size is 117 x 19.5 x 0.2 inches large with enhanced materials that bring error-free speed and durability.

It offers many advanced features like metal golf goal includes supplementary standard on the tech side and with slope simulators, you can customize slopes in five different angles, four STIMP paces ranging from 8 to 12.5, analyze and perfect your game with evident ball traces and many more in the list. With this top-notch quality indoor putting mat, you can go through professional training like experience at the comfort of your home or office.

Key Features:

  • 100% environment-friendly polyester material
  • Non-skid stuff on the bottom ensure stability
  • 4 different stimp speed and putting tracing
  • Interesting party design
  • Different game modes
  • 12 different accessories to build unlimited rules
  • Free new training guide books
  • Easy to carry from home to office or vice versa
  • Easy to clean and store

11. Asgens Golf Putting Mat with Auto Ball Return System

Asgens Golf Putting Green Mat
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Are you looking for the indoor golf putting mat with gravity ball return, which fits for all golf lovers? Asgens Golf Putting Green, Dual-Track ProEdge Indoor Putting Trainer, is a best golf putting mat, which is a fantastic gift to all the beginner or experienced golf lovers. This putting is ideally great for golf enthusiasts to practice rhythm, balance, and poise from the comfort of their own home or office.

One of the highlights of this best golf practise putting mat is a ball return system. It brings the ball right back to your feet. So, there is no interruption in long practice sessions. The putting mat is made up of exceptional turf, which offers a practical playing experience. Its design is simple and straightforward to set up so you can begin practising without any delay. The company does not guarantee a zero malfunctioning rate but guarantees 100% satisfaction, which brings so much value to the table.

Key Features:

  • Extra-long 9.8 feet indoor golf putting green
  • Double color realistic grass
  • 3 free balls come in a package
  • Perfect fit for beginners to pro-levels
  • Efficient ball return system, which saves time
  • Two holes of two different sizes

FAQs For Best Golf Putting Mat

Q: How thick is the mat, and would it slide or ripple on the carpet?

A: This golf putting mat is very thick around one and a half-inch, so it doesn’t slide or ripple at all. The only noticeable thing is the grain of grass on it that drives the ball to some extent. It is not a bad thing but something you should be aware of. The golf mat is of great quality and does not slide unless you walk on it.

Q: How to keep and store this putting mat?

A: This putting mat is designed for daily use and can bear a little bit of rough handling, though it is not recommended. The back of the golf mat is made up of high-quality biodegradable material, so the correct usage is to keep it away from a damp or moist environment. After use, roll it up, put it back inside the box, and keep the box in a dry and clean environment.

Q: What if a left-handed golfer, does the return track get in your stance?

A: This solely depends on how close you stand to the ball when putt. The track runs about an inch from the outer edge of the putting mat. It will not be in your way if the ball position is 10 or more inches from your feet. You can position a ball in the middle of the golf mat, and the track would not be a problem.