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The 7 Best Yoga Shoes of 2021


Yoga provides flexibility, balance, and clarity to the mind and body. Everyone should try their hands at yoga, especially the people who are engaged in highly stressful jobs like corporate employees or students appearing for competitive exams. Yoga also plays a crucial role in mastering the ability to focus. Consequently, people who face mental issues like anxiety and depression are also advised to practice it.

Now that you are ready to join yoga classes soon, you must be equipped with the right items like a yoga mat, handy water bottle, and, most importantly, the best exercise shoes! This is where yoga shoes step in. These best yoga shoes are designed to help you achieve identical functionality and ease-of-movement as while barefoot. They prove to be the best piece of equipment for staying true to the all-important element of yoga – your posture.

Our Top Picks of Best Yoga Shoes

Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe, Black,40 EU/8 M USFitKicks Women's Active FootwearNew Balance Women's Yoga Shoe
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Let us consider some factors to keep in mind when spending money on the best yoga shoes. Besides, you do want to make a wise investment, right?

Weight – Yoga shoes are meant to be lightweight for easy movement and ease-of-transport. Shoes of this category do not fit the bill if they are not lightweight. Hence, you must invest in a pair that lets you maintain the free-flowing and let-go attitude that yoga comes with.

Easy to put on – All the mat shoes are slip-ons that can be worn and taken off easily. Make sure you purchase easy to wear and remove shoes.

Flexibility – The best yoga shoes are the ones that provide you with maximum versatility when it comes to your training. They should allow swift movements and a firm grip on the yoga mat/ground to maintain proper form and posture.

List of Best Yoga Shoes

1. VIFUUR Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Shoes

VIFUUR Water Sports UnisexKids Shoes BlackStripes
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Are you in the market for shoes that are multipurpose and suit your active outdoor lifestyle? Then VIFUUR Water Sports Yoga Slip-On Shoes happen to be just the right choice. These shoes are specifically for the people who spend most of their time outdoors – enjoying a good yoga session, lifting weights, or partaking in rigorous water sports. The smooth neck design eliminates any incidents of skin disturbances around the ankle, and you are assured a comfortable experience during all your activities. Moreover, the sole of these best yoga shoes are made of impeccable rubber and will last you a long time.

The best part about these yoga shoes for women is that it meets the most important criteria for this category, i.e., flexibility to ensure that all your yoga poses can be achieved with ease. The fact that they are light in weight makes them perfect for carrying in the bag with the least weight-related stress. They also have a unisex design, making them suitable yoga shoes for women.

Key Features:

  • Dries fast due to their Quick Dry technology
  • Flexible fabric allows maximum stretching for yoga poses
  • Breathability of the shoe prevents moisture-related rashes/infections
  • Anti-slip rubber sole impart great support and stability

2. FitKicks Yoga Shoes for Women

FitKicks Women's Active Footwear, Primal, Small
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Our next choice on the list is the FitKicks Original Women’s Foldable Yoga Shoes. These yoga shoes for women are not limited to just the gym or yoga class but are useful for everyday wear as well. The yoga shoe is designed to keep the barefoot experience in mind, which is reflected in the Flex Foam sole and the Peg Matrix System to make the shoe adapt to multiple movements. The sturdy soles and toe-guard provide valuable protection to the foot. These shoes have a heathered design, giving them a great minimalistic style, making them appropriate to go with all kinds of casual clothing.

Do not expect support on the feet arches, which is beneficial for women with flat feet. The ergonomic fit of the shoe provides comfort to the wearer during all kinds of activities. The sole of these shoes conforms to the foot, which helps to achieve better mobility, especially during a yoga class or a weight training session, where functionality is paramount.

Key Features:

  • Ample toe space for maximum comfort
  • Spandex blended fabric for improved flexibility
  • Glue-free insole provides added durability and hygiene
  • Versatile foam utilizes Peg-Matrix System for cushioned insole

3. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe for Women

ibram Women's VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe
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Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Mat Shoe is our choice for the ladies who practice ballet. These yoga shoes for women are an evolved designed of traditional ballet flats. Guess what? This yoga footwear is perfect for all kinds of physical activities like ballet, yoga, hiking, running, water sports, etc. It is designed with the ballet aesthetic in mind; hence, the elegantly less heavy design. The synthetic mesh design provides great breathability and ventilation to the foot. In addition, the unique Vibram sole of these yoga mat shoes gives them much needed traction and protection to the user in a variety of environments.

These shoes are great for warmer climates. The design of these shoes also keeps the toes separated like the natural way, unlike traditional shoes that stick them together. Due to this, the shoes prevent infections and rashes. The synthetic material provides a great grip on the foot due to which the footwear does not come off easily, even during intense activities.

Key Features:

  • Mesh design regulates temperature in the shoe
  • Unique structure allows feet to feel the surface
  • Flexible sole allows yoga-level flexibility of feet
  • Materials are free from animal products

4. Vibram Women’s Vi-S-W Fitness/Yoga Shoe, Black, 37 EU/6.5 M US

Vibram Women's Vi-S-W FitnessYoga Shoe
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The Vibram Women’s VI-S Fitness & Yoga Mat Shoes is another high-end pair of yoga shoes for women. Women have beautiful feet, and these shoes make sure to flaunt with style, unlike traditional shoes that cover them up. These shoes have a unique stretch-adjustment closure system, allowing the desired levels of comfort and grip on the feet according to the surface. Vibram shoes are one part sandal and one part heavy-duty KSO EVO shoe, which enables the yoga shoes to adjust to diverse movements of the foot seamlessly. As a result, they become a great combination of elegance, flexibility, and durability.

The light yet thick 3.5mm rubber sole provides all the necessary protection that the feet need from rugged surfaces. Guess what? The intricate design of the sole responds to the terrain and reacts accordingly, thus providing additional comfort and protection.

Key Features:

  • Microbial sock lining for added comfort
  • 100% polyester material for increased sweat absorbency
  • XS Trek Sole Technology for great wet traction
  • Non-marking sole makes it usable on all terrains
  • Structure is specially engineered for stability
  • Highly durable straps can be heavily relied upon

5. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Sandal, Black, 8

Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Sandal, Black, 8
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Are you a person who prefers comfort and a yoga style included in your footwear? Then Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Sandal might just be the right thing for you! These yoga shoes for women are made from recycled yoga mats, providing unmatched comfort, even when used for long durations. Sanuk sandals are especially of value to people who cannot wear shoes due to some reason. These shoes have an elegant designer look to them, which means they can be worn in situations other than yoga or dance. This makes them very versatile as yoga footwear. The sandals can be machine washed, which also reduces maintenance.

The two slings of the sandal are made from very soft and comfortable fabric, causing the least discomfort and holding the foot in rigid positions. The slings hence provide an excellent fit. Most importantly – Do you have sweaty feet? The insole of the sandal is highly sweat-absorbent and saves you the trouble.

Key Features:

  • Recycled product (47% Eva, 6% Straw)
  • Sealed edges prevent debris from getting under-the-foot
  • Wrapped toe post for additional comfort
  • Outsole portrays a U-shaped rubber sponge
  • Stretchable fabric straps along with a flip-flop design

6. FitKicks Crossovers Women’s Yoga Shoes

FitKicks Crossovers Women's Foldable Active Lifestyle Minimalist Footwear
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FitKicks Women’s Foldable Crossovers are great yoga shoes for women due to their protection and comfort-focused design. These are the only yoga shoes on the list that can be easily worn to the office and other formal events due to its minimalistic crossover design. The shoes have soft elastic straps that help in fastening and adjusting the fit. Expect easy foldable ability with least hassle, making them easy to carry. Spandex blend fabric gently conforms to the feet and provides flexibility to the shoe and high levels of comfort to the wearer. These yoga mat shoes can also double up as easy street women’s shoes because of their versatile design.

They have a cushioned insole, which helps to attain the desired functionality and swift movements in activities like dance, yoga, or ballet. The elastic straps and insole do a great job of supporting the sole. Yoga shoes that can be worn to the office; does it get any better?

Key Features:

  • FlexFoam sole that molds according to feet
  • Safeguarding toe guard and foot support mechanism
  • Pull tabs for ease of use
  • Elastic crisscross straps add to the stability
  • Design for hassle-free use even in wet conditions

7. New Balance Women’s Yoga Shoe

New Balance Women's Studio Skin V1 Cross Trainer
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New Balance has its reputation when it comes to the best exercise shoes. The New Balance Women’s 118v1 Studio Skin is being marketed as a ‘studio skin.’ This ‘skin’ fits on foot like a glove and imparts excellent mobility and functionality. The studio skin provides ample of strong support to the feet, significantly reducing pain that occurs during dance rehearsals or expert yoga classes. It is designed in a manner to reduce the strain on ankles. The synthetic sole of the skin provides a necessary amount of traction and prevents slippage-incidents. People with flat feet are rewarded with stability due to the usage of fantom tape.

This studio skin is a must-have for yoga, barre, and similar kinds of workouts and outdoor activities. Style is a top attribute of this equipment, along with unmatched support and smooth cushioning for the user to achieve maximum efficiency and best results via workouts.

Key Features:

  • Stretch Gore upper for unrestricted movement
  • NB fresh material treatment prevents odors
  • NB Fantom Tape allows breathability
  • Intricately sewed by humans – zero machine involvement
  • Synthetic sole material imparts ideal friction

FAQs for Best Yoga Shoes

Q. Are there any sizing problems with yoga shoes?

A. Yoga shoes are mass-produced using average measurements that would fit all. But due to differences in individual bodies, sometimes you may not find the right fit. It is better to consult the sizing chart and contact the manufacturers in such cases. A large number of sellers post information regarding whether the product is smaller or larger than the average. Consider buying ½ or 1 size larger if your feet are wide. Ideally, high-quality flexible materials would eradicate sizing issues.

Q. Are yoga shoes exclusive to only yoga?

A. Anyone can buy these yoga mat shoes! They are manufactured for both men and women and come in a variety of sizes. Yoga shoes are produced in a large number of styles, and you can choose whatever style suits your needs and tastes. Also, these shoes are multipurpose and can be used for all kinds of activities. So, whether you are a weightlifter, a runner, a ballerina, or a surfer, these mat shoes can be a great partner.

Q. How do I take care of my shoes?

A. These kinds of yoga shoes for women are generally very flexible and lightweight. But that does not mean they are delicate. The majority of the yoga shoes are made up of durable synthetic materials and can also be machine washed. Although precautions must be taken regarding the water temperature, extremely hot water may damage the rubber, polyester, foam, elastic, or any such material. Some mat shoes may require a gentle hand wash. Remember that these shoes must be washed separately to avoid any colour bleeding.