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Best Yoga Straps of 2021


Amidst all the daily hustle-bustle of life, one needs time to de-stress and relax. Taking holidays and spending some “me-time” would be the go-to option for this. However, it is not very often that you can take vacations. A wiser route to de-stress and get your natural hormones back in order would be to indulge in yoga.

Yoga helps to let go of your worries, stretch your entire body, normalize your breathing, and clear the mental clutter. To make sure that you are comfortable performing your yoga activities, you need the best yoga straps.

Our product of focus especially applies to individuals who struggle to perform stretching and have no instructor for guidance. We advise you to get your hands on a high-quality yoga strap. Yoga straps prove to be a great companion for yoga enthusiasts, whether at a fitness centre, at home, or in the open.
These straps will support you through difficult-to-perform yoga movements and help you modify those trick poses. Most importantly, people who are not flexible enough can easily improve their flexibility by inculcating yoga mat straps in their yoga schedule.

However, make sure you look into the following factors to acquire the best yoga strap.

Our Top Pick of Best Yoga Straps

Tumaz Yoga StrapTumaz Stretch StrapSport2People Stretching Strap
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Length: You can get straps ranging from 6 to 10 feet. If you are tall then opt for the 8-foot strap. Beginner and advanced yoga enthusiasts must go for 6 and 10-foot straps, respectively.

Material: Only get cotton or nylon material yoga straps. Nylon will be an exceptional sweat-absorbent and highly durable. Whereas, cotton will add to a textured grip and not cause rope burns.

Eco-friendly: Being a yoga student, you do not want to pollute the environment with the low-quality material your equipment possesses. Refrain from purchasing yoga straps that use PVC-like un-recyclable materials.

List of the Best Yoga Straps for You to Choose

1. Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands

Tumaz Yoga Strap
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Tumaz Yoga Extra Safe Stretch Band is versatile in usage. It works not only for yoga but also for high-intensity workouts at the gym or by you. All your poses and movements will be supported with utmost stability while letting you experience the desired results of your fitness goals. The materials used will perform better than basic cotton straps due to greater thickness (2.5mm) and thus obviously longer durability.

Expect to find a design of a D-ring that is easy to use. This makes it simple to put into effect any loop size that you require for your workout. The Best Yoga Straps is sewed with precision to impart a reliable load-bearing capacity. You can now work out with the least worries of injuries and unwanted jerks.

Key Features:

  • Quality knitting techniques impart greater load-bearing capacity
  • D-ring buckles adapt to all desired loop sizes
  • Durable polyester cotton material assures no breakage incidents
  • Webbing design showcases delicate texture – yet adds strength
  • Vibrant colors prove perfect for calming the senses
  • Eco-friendly dyeing assures no color spilling situations

2. Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps for Physical Therapy

Onory Yoga Strap
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The presence of 1-inch wide premium nylon woven straps makes Onory Yoga Strap Stretch for Physical Therapy one of the most adaptable yoga stretch straps in the market. Are you a daily yoga pilates class attendee? Do you need to perform physical therapy due to some muscle mishaps? These best yoga straps boast of features that will support you throughout your journey to become more balanced and flexible.

12 standalone loops are attached across the length of this yoga strap. This gives the user diverse options with respect to length and posture manipulation. Moreover, the connecting points on the looping straps provide users an option for a strong grip to minimize any slipping incidents. Are you new to the whole yoga strap scene? No worries. You will get access to a carry bag along with a strap-focused exercise booklet to guide you throughout the process.

Key Features:

  • Design is supportive for mild warm-ups and intensive workouts
  • Premium nylon materials ensure no awkward displacements
  • Durability is an assured attribute that has been tested
  • 12 independent loops promote easier adjustments during movements
  • 8 feet in length and 1-inch in width
  • Materials used to make cleaning a cakewalk process

3. Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching – 8 Foot or Extra Long 10 Foot Length

Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching
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The Clever Yoga Strap for Stretching has made use of a sturdy strap that portrays qualities to ensure absolutely effective yoga movements, with the least hindrances. There is a minimal set up required. All you need to do is get into that position you have been trying to crack and use the yoga strap. Stretching as per your desired goals will be achieved within a month of using this product. Cotton materials along with durable metallic D-rings looped at either end of the yoga strap make it a worthy purchase.

It does not matter whether you are in the office, at home, or at the fitness centre. These best yoga straps can be used for stretching anywhere. Basic elements that all yoga equipment requires are provided to you – easy portability, lightweight, and machine washable. Are you an expert yoga student or are you in the process of becoming one? You get an option to choose either the 8 or 10-foot strap as per your needs.

Key Features:

  • Premium quality cotton becomes softer with more usage
  • Thick-sized buckles ensure utmost safety during yoga practice
  • High-end D-shaped metal rings are designed as long-lasting
  • Non-toxic materials and eco-friendly materials have been used

4. Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap (15+ Colors, 2 Sizes Options)

Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap
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If you are looking for 2-in-1 usage for holding your mat in a folded position and providing you the ability to perform stretching, then Tumaz’s Yoga Mat Strap and Stretch Strap will definitely suit your needs. This versatility comes with the security of tight knitting all along the strap. Despite the rigorous focus on durability, the strap will impart a desirable smooth texture throughout its length. Combine all this with the fact that thick polyester-cotton has been used, and you have one of the best yoga straps at your disposal.

Fantastic craftsmanship is evident when you notice the surface weaving. Moreover, Tumaz has made it a point to use eco-friendly materials such as smooth dyes and quality yarns. You can expect null traces of heavy metals, industrial chemicals, and Azo. These qualities are the reason that users never complain of a rugged grip and eventual rope-burns. In case you do, take advantage of the full refund option.

Key Features:

  • Skin-friendly fabric erases occurrences of cuts and burns
  • Delicate texture complemented with a tight-knitting technique
  • Durable polyester-cotton imparts desirable comfort and softness
  • Usable as a mat holder or stretching equipment
  • Manufactured using only conscious eco-friendly materials

5. Tumaz Stretch Strap – 10 Loops & Non-Elastic Band

Tumaz Stretch Strap - 10 Loops & Non-Elastic Band
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If you are looking for a yoga stretching strap that is solid, thick (around 2.2mm), tightly knitted, and soft, then Tumaz Non-Elastic 10 Loops Stretch Straps should suit your boat. No one would want any negative interactions between their skin and yoga strap. For this reason, Tumaz has focused on using materials that smoothly brush across the skin, leaving an extra soft sensation. The presence of 10 loops and its non-elastic feature makes it suitable for a range of fitness activities such as dance, yoga, ballet, stretching, Pilates, or even physical therapy.

The presence of washable-polyester cotton fabric makes it easy-to-clean and has no effect on its exceptional load-bearing capacity of approximately 2000 lbs. Durability, safety, and versatility are 3 attributes that can impart a positive change in the range of yoga movements you perform. Above all, the fact that it is non-elastic adds to higher levels of resistance and more effective stretching.

Key Features:

  • Strap is machine washable and sun dryable
  • Strong strap completely erases chances of breakage
  • Skin-friendly materials contribute to a comforting sensation
  • 10 loops support number of unique yoga postures

6. Yoga Mat Strap Sling, Adjustable and Durable 100% Cotton

Yoga Mat Strap Sling
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The best yoga straps are the ones that portray multi-purpose usage and that is what Clever Yoga Mat Strap Adjustable Sling offers you. One can not only perform yoga with straps but also use it for wrapping mats, lawn chairs, blankets, and other comfort-focused equipment. The pure cotton build will prove instrumental in maximizing your flexibility with the least strain on your body. Stretchable straps like these are perfect to help you adapt and connect to yoga postures that you have been trying to master for long.

This yoga strap stretches across your shoulder and body to behave as a flexible sling for carrying objects. You can rely on the lightweight design to strap-in your belongings. Even better, you can toss these straps into the washing machine and expect the cotton fabric to become softer with every wash. A product created by yoga enthusiasts for yoga enthusiasts is sure to provide more value than day-to-day strap manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • Versatile in usage – as a sling or strap
  • Elastic built permits carrying any item
  • 100% cotton erases rope-burns and provides added grip
  • Lightweight design does not burden while carrying items
  • Adjustable straps can hold mats of all sizes

7. Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap (15+ Colors, 2 Sizes Options)

Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap
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No more casual cotton straps are destroyed in time, that too in the middle of your yoga sessions. Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap Extra Thick boasts of premium quality of polyester cotton that is thick and more durable from the other regular yoga straps in the market. You can even carry your yoga mat with straps to avoid it from unfolding while transportation. Adopting intricately sewing techniques is the reason that it is thicker than other mats, while also imparting a significant level of smoothness.

Tumaz, like always, has laid impeccable attention to detail. These best yoga straps can be seen in the error-free alignment all across the stitching. Over and above, the high quality of stitching cancels out the chances of cuts or skin burns during stretching exercises.

Key Features:

  • Consistent testing to ensure straps provide extreme safety
  • Professional workmanship evident in the surface design
  • Texture seems delicate but is rigid when used
  • Multi-purpose usage – as a mat or stretching strap
  • Complies as per US California Proposition 65 standards
  • High load-bearing capacity permits group yoga activities

8. SANKUU Yoga Strap

SANKUU Yoga Strap
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If you have larger feet and hands than the average human then you may want to check out the SANKUU Yoga Strap Multi-Loop Strap. This product has 12 independent loops that are bigger than the usual size and provide perfect support for the larger sized people. The non-elastic feature of this strap makes it ideal for a range of activities from dance to physical therapy. Even better, expect exceptional resistance with a promise of rigidity and zero deformation of the strap.

This 8-foot long and 1.57-inch wide yoga strap uses heavy-duty nylon materials to intensify stability and allow yoga students to maintain their posture for longer durations. Also, why do you think there are 12 large loops? Such a structure and design allows the user to gradually take their stretching exercise one level higher. Despite being more than the optimal length (6 foot) for beginners, it proves to suit their requirements well enough.

Key Features:

  • Durable 8-foot nylon strap suits several yoga postures
  • Carry bag is provided for ease of transport
  • Nylon fabric has been sewed with ideal precision
  • Easy-to-clean materials face no wear and tear
  • 12-loop design helps to improve flexibility step-by-step

9. Sport2People Stretching Strap

Sport2People Stretching Strap
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If you are new to using yoga straps and require some form of guidance then the 2 free e-books provided with Sport2People Stretching Strap for Yoga will sort you out. The design of this product is such that it suits people of varying heights and sizes. In our opinion, this product is awarded a high standing in the list of best yoga straps. Also, the 12 independent loops are spaced out strategically using non-elastic materials to increase the range of flexibility that one can achieve. The fabric also firmly gets a hold of your hands or feet and works collectively to help you achieve your desired posture.

Wondering what is so special about this product? The manufacturers themselves created the e-books. Get access to a number of stretching exercises that can be performed with this yoga strap. Oh yes, you will also get a compact carry bag for ease-of-transport.

Key Features:

  • Environment-friendly materials for tension-free usage or even disposal
  • 96” in length and 1.5” in width
  • 12 well-placed independent loops for accessing multiple postures
  • Quality of nylon used assures long-lasting usage
  • Premium stitching techniques promote greater resistance and stability

10. Manduka Align Yoga Strap

Manduka Align Yoga Strap
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Manduka Align Strong Yoga Strap boasts of a design, possessing a jet-black coating with a tinge of Muay Thai traits. You will get access to the proprietary sure-secure interlocking technology and thus 100% security during any yoga posture you wish to practice. It takes care of your safety, but what about its usability. The product comprises of a lightweight structure due to its eco-friendly and innovative material usage. Whether you perform strenuous dance stretches or high-end yoga stretches that require professional guidance, these best yoga straps stretch as per your needs.

Also, the buckle can be adjusted to help you set the length of your strap as per your movements demand. The most important element that users look for in yoga straps is the sturdiness that it imparts. To your relief, sturdiness is the precise attribute that this product portrays in the best possible way. If you land up investing in this premium yoga strap, then be assured you won’t be needing another one for at least a decade!

Key Features:

  • Cotton materials are unbleached and webbed
  • Support is assured due to proprietary interlocking buckle
  • Lightweight design will not burden your workout
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials make it durable

FAQ for Yoga Straps / Stretching Straps

Q. Should I opt for thin or thick yoga straps?

A. This entirely depends on what are you comfortable holding. The ultimate goal is to master your yoga postures. Thus, you need to maximize your stretching abilities, and this can only be done when you are provided with the best suiting equipment. Typically, individuals with tiny palms should opt for thin yoga straps, whereas individuals with comparatively bigger palms should consider using thick yoga straps. Keep in mind, that big-palmed people can also use thin yoga straps but they must maintain an extra-tight grip to ensure that it does not slip from the hands.

Q. How to use a yoga strap?

A. Yoga straps are generally used to help in stretching. Once an individual can stretch to greater extents, it becomes easier to achieve a broad range of motions. Ideally, one needs to hold either end of the strap and stress it towards their body while pulling into the desired pose. For example, if you want to stretch your hamstrings. Position the middle of the strap around your sole and pull the strap while straightening your legs.

Q. Does the length of my yoga strap matter?

A. Yes, it sure does. The most common lengths are 6, 8, and 12 feet. 6-foot yoga straps are apt for beginners who do not have to perform rigorous stretches and are a long way from the real deal. 8-foot straps are for intermediate yoga students who are yet discovering their flexibility and the entire spectrum of yoga moves. Whereas, 10-foot straps are for the experts who are working with extremely flexible yoga postures that literally require turning the body inside-out.