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Best GPS Running Watch 2021


Running has never been a sport with a lot of fuss, anybody can take up running as a sport, while there won’t be any kit requirement just a decent pair of shoes, and to add some leisure and quirk to it running watches will enhance the overall experience and turn it to be fun and enjoyable.

At the elementary level, the best GPS running watch should permit runners to track the distance they have covered so far – the speed or the average rate at which they were running and whether they have moved with dependable perfection. However, nowadays, the best running watches observe an excellent selection of other possibilities for example- running form, heart rate, training load, recovery and even sleep. They have even encapsulated more functions which we are habitual of stereotyping with the smartwatches that are, music, notifications and even contactless payments, but now these features can also be seen on the premium end of GPS watches for runners. In these times even budget friendly and best GPS running watch will provide the experience of biometric cognizance, which back in the day were the perks only for the elites.

Our Top Picks of Best GPS Running Watch

Garmin GPS Running WatchCoros PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport WatchPolar GPS Running Watch
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We have picked the best gps watch for running so far. Whether you are a stats-obsessed runner or just enjoying the weekend run, a practitioner, or an amateur, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have completed marathons, whatever you are looking for in a running watch you will get it here.

List of Best GPS Running Watch

1. Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray

Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch
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A watch for running that keeps you maintaining your speed, and ease your running with doing multiple tasks to keep you updated and connected with your phone. This one of the best gps watches turns the entire experience enjoyable and wholesome. As it traces heart rate with the help of the wrist and thus gives the perfect results and it is very easy with this watch to access the display even in the sun and it won’t let the unnecessary display drain the battery away because it has transflective memory in pixel (MIP).

This best GPS running watch allows the runner to customize the training and the watch according to their requirements, and provides a 44 per cent larger screen than the usual within the same physical structure or size, its display size is the 1.23-inch diameter. This gps watch for runners has this additional feature of audio prompts, it prompts the runner if they have been sitting continuously for hours and urges them to move. If it is connected to the smartphone, it lets the runner see incoming calls, e-mails, text messages, calendar reminders and gives you full 11 training hours while 9 days for watch, activity tracking, notifications and heart rate.

Key Features:

  • Audio prompts: audio prompts can be received from the smartphone.
  • Battery life: smart watch works for 9 days while the GPS mode runs for 11 hours.
  • It gives 44 percent larger screen in the same physical size, the display is sunlight-visible and has the transflective memory in pixel (MIP).
  • Activity tracking counts daily steps, distance, calories and sleep
  • Download data fields, watch faces, widgets and applications from Connect IQ.

2. POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch, Black (90066335),Medium/Large

POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch
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This GPS watch for running is for those who want more than just running. This one of the best GPS watches for runners allows you to keep track of the exercise routine and training with immense comfort. Beat your goals with this waterproof powerhouse and lead your way to fitness. It gives the liberty to track, sync, analyze and customize the daily fitness routine by different tracking metrics of the watch. Keeps a tab on the heart rate through the wrist with the help of polar’s optical heart rate solution that is 6 LED optical sensors. This best GPS running watch is specially made to track pace, distance, altitude and route. it allows you to track the pace and distance on the treadmill also with the help of a built-in accelerometer. If you wish to participate in any kind of running event, it smartly helps you make a plan and motivates you to do better with the help of every workout data that are coming out each day, and thus pushes you to work harder the next day.

Key Features:

  • It is well equipped with the running GPS trackers that is an integrated gps system that lets you keep track of distance, speed, pace and routes.
  • 24*7 activity tracking system- tracks sleeps, daily activity, calories and manages to reach goals.
  • Optical heart rate monitor- helps track accurate heart rate with the help of 6 LED optical sensor.

3. Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch
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This best gps running watch provides you with the perfect plan that you always wanted to set out for yourself. It has that professional expertise to help you whether it is a race, sprint, marathon, triathlon, row, swim, spin, and you can look for a partner in whatever you choose, it has advanced dynamics for running, swimming and cycling including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more (when paired with a Running Dynamics Pod, HRM Run or HRM Tri Monitor, sold separately). For becoming a better athlete today one should track all of the past performances, hence that helps to build a better plan for tomorrow. You can run more freely as it estimates the heart rate at the wrist and let you enjoy the race stress free.

This, one of the best smartwatches for the runners is durable as it is shock-resistant, this best smartwatch for runners has an impressive battery life: smartwatch up to 11 days. GPS mode up to 14 hours. UltraTrac mode up to 24 hours without wrist heart rate. Add the chest strap and let it help to train hard with vo2 max and more, and it will estimate the maximum rate at which your food becomes the source of energy (lactate threshold), predicts race and advises the recovery for you so that the plan can be more intense and better than the last in our next attempt and helps you reach your goal. It’s a smartwatch that ensures that you are connected to your smartphone during the activity, it live tracks anything that you do. A must-have the best GPS watch.

Key Features:

  • It is the best GPS running watch with multisport features (run sprint race, bike, swim, row etc.).
  • Shock resistant.
  • Battery life: Smartwatch Mode Up to 11 days. GPS mode Up to 14 hours. UltraTrac mode Up to 24 hours without wrist heart rate.
  • It also has smart notifications, automatic uploads and compatibility with Connect IQ for custom watch faces and apps.
  • Provides VO2 max estimate.

4. Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black

Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch
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Professional yet quirky GPS running watch which gives you trendy looks as it comes in four different colours (white, frost blue, limelight). This watch provides you with built-in GPS which enhances its speed and makes it work faster and get satellite signals in no time, which helps in keeping track of the route that’s been followed, how much distance has been covered and tracking the speed quickly. And the best part is for all this there’s no phone required, unlike every other running watch that needs to be connected to phones. Best GPS running watch ensures the track of all times be it day and night 24*7 activity of an individual without any help from the strap. When all screen goes dark because of the reflection of sunlight, the access of this is easy as it remains visible during the sunny run, thus its display has especially been made both for indoor and outdoor viewing, screen size for this watch for runners is 0.93*0.93.

it is compatible with iPhone, Android, Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile. It has transflective memory in pixel (MIP) that lets you retain the battery life by keeping off the unnecessary features. This best watch for runners provides helpful vibration alerts which prompt you for running, track the goals that have been set and help to acquire those. It even informs you of how good you are doing with increasing your walking or running pace, keeps you up to date by providing you with smart notifications. while on the run favourite music can be enjoyed and managed easily, its software gets automatically updated. It actually possesses all the qualities of the best GPS watch for runners.

Key Features:

  • Built in gps helps in getting metrics fast through satellite, this smartwatch does not require a smartphone.
  • It keeps the track of the whole day activity 24*7. No additional strap required.
  • Its display is visible even in the sunlight.
  • It has a high resolution display. Compatible with iPhone, Android. Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile. Display size 0.93 x 0.93 inches.
  • Smart connectivity lets you enjoy the music and all the information flowing in.
  • Automatic software update.

5. Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit GPS Activity Tracker

Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit GPS Activity Tracker
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There aren’t many accessories for the sport like running and this watch steps in and makes sure that even in a sport like this runners can look chic any time in the day. It provides the activity sport to keep a track of distance, pace, personal records, includes features like walk/run mode and gives you the liberty to take up any sport like running, cycling, swimming, walking and elliptical training. This means this best GPS running watch keeps track of your favourite activity, how far, how long, with what pace you have travelled even when signals are difficult to reach, thus keeping all the records of every activity that you indulge in and propelling towards achieving better goals than the last, gradually and eventually.

The special feature that pokes you every time when you have been sitting for too long, and makes the sedentary lifestyle active and fit. While the smartphone connectivity gives you access to notifications of the text messages,call information, emails, social media, calendar alerts and more. This one of the best watches for runners automatically syncs with the smartphone to save the running metrics and adds it to the online community, which lets you find a user following the similar plans and who can either challenge you or workout along with you.

Key Features:

  • It’s a designer piece that comes in three colors- black, kona/imperial purple, midnight/force blue.
  • Integrated GPS – keep an accurate check whether you are walking or running or doing any other sport.
  • It keeps track of all the activities and records all the data.
  • Move IQ – it automatically turns on whenever and however you start moving for example- walking, jogging etc.
  • Monitors the heart for 24*7, helps in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Battery life is upto 8 hours; Smartwatch mode: Up to 5 days.

6. Coros PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch

s PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch
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This is the best watch for the runners as it upgrades the performance and helps in turning it into extraordinary. This best GPS running watch not only offers advanced running features but also provides the changes necessary with regards to your performance, training and recovery, and helps you touch the desired milestone by planning it according to the stats recorded of the past performances. This feature keeps you well informed if you are undertrained or overdoing the workouts and what to take up next according to the recovery. For an athlete, to be in the form is of the utmost priority, to make it simpler the forerunner 935 measures key running metrics that you can use to analyze your performance. Biomechanical measurements such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio are the key to understanding your form so you can bring your best on race day.

This amazing GPS running watch lets you switch between the sport you want to enjoy, other than your routine, you may switch to running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking, strength training and many more. This particular smartwatch lets you connect with the groupies who are sharing the same field and promotes the workout, and makes your runs and rides fun with music audio prompts and more. You can run even better without any restrictions with the additional and compatible heart rate strap. A chest strap heart rate monitor (like HRM-Run or HRM-Tri) unlocks advanced features such as lactate threshold and the HRV (heart rate variability) stress test. Premium members of this premium watch can get live feedback by syncing running and cycling lets you review and share the progress that you have made via social media.

Key Features:

  • It’s a premium best GPS watch for running/triathlon, strap material – silicone; compatible smartphones- iPhone, Android, Windows; designed for sale and support in North America only.
  • Offers advanced running and multisport features weigh 49 grams.
  • Provides elevation changes with a built-in barometer; altimeter and electronic compass.
  • Monitor the performances and help build better plans.
  • Provides advanced metrics for the sports; Bezel Material Fibre-reinforced polymer.