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The 8 Best Glass Chess Sets

Best Glass Chess Set

Sports and games, whether indoor or outdoor, is the greatest of all hobbies that one can have. Take some time out from your sedentary work lifestyle to indulge in enabling your brain and body to perform out-of-the-box thinking and activities, respectively. This proves beneficial to the overall health of an individual. One such activity would be the genius game of Chess. It involves the least equipment and focuses on mapping out possible moves of your opponent. More than all, it proves as an exercise for the brain as players need to think 2 steps ahead without making notes/using words.

This 2-player game permits each player to choose either a white or black side. When the king is trapped and has no way out, it is considered the end of the game. Players have to utilize their remaining 15 soldiers to beat the opponent in the fewest possible moves. The thrill, excitement, and patience developed while playing chess boards makes it an excellent reliever for busy individuals. However, you should consider a few factors when purchasing an ordinary or best glass chess set.

Our Top Picks of Best Glass Chess Set

SRENTA 10 Fine Glass Chess Game SetTrue Fabrication Chess Shot GameZatiki Glass Chess Set
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Portable – You may want to play chess while you travel, camp, or even at your friend’s place. Choose glass chess and checker sets that are easy to pack and move around. Considering your choices, you may even want a fixed chess table at your home.

Pattern – It would be wise to check the available patterns and choose something you like, rather than wishing you had made a different purchase. Dubrovnik and Zagreb, French Regence, English Barleycorn, Selenus, etc. are some patterns.

Material – There are wooden, plastic, metallic, and even glass chess boards. Depending on how much of a chess enthusiast you are, you can opt for a cheap chess set or a moderately priced glass chessboard.

We have curated some of the luxury glass chess set for you to choose from. Keep reading and be warned; you may get overwhelmed.

List of Best Glass Chess Set

1. SRENTA 10″ Fine Glass Chess Game Set

SRENTA 10 Fine Glass Chess Game Set
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Srenta 10’’ Best Glass Chess Set is a highly elegant chessboard with glass chess pieces that can be a lovely gift for a special one. This luxury glass chess set brings in a royal aura and can prove to be a fascinating piece of decoration in the living room of homes. The board by itself is transparent in structure. This means wherever you set up the game to battle it out with your friends, it will take the colour of the surface it has been planted on.

Over and above all, very few glass chess boards are easy to move and travel. Srenta’s luxury glass chess set comes with a travel case that can make travelling with this product a convenient task for users.

Key Features:

  • Padding under each piece to avoid sliding
  • Anti-scratch surfaces ensure that radiance is always top-notch
  • Colored travel case that is highly portable
  • Perfect transparent squares and overall thick chessboard
  • Maneuvering pieces becomes easy because of felted bottoms

2. Drinking Shot Glass Chess Set

Drinking Shot Glass Chess Set
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Drinking Shot Glass Chess Set is another shot glass chess set that can prove to be an elegant addition to your set of collector items or even your chessboard collection (provided you are a chess enthusiast). The dimensions of the board are 10 by 10 inches, while the king is the tallest on the board. Glass used in this shot glass chess set is made of crystal quality and is reflective enough to be called a mirror.

You won’t get a case like Srenta provides one, but each piece would be packed and delivered to you safely in little cardboard boxes. Not the high quality, but this board can always be an option for occasional chess players or for the ones who have just begun learning the art of chess.

Key Features:

  • Glass board and pieces instill a royal feeling
  • 15 by 15 inches in dimensions
  • High-rising king measuring 3 inches in height
  • Alternate boxes are made of mirror glass

3. 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set – Deck of Cards, Chess and Checkers Game Set

3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set
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This 3-in-1 Shot Glass is unique glass chess set due to its diversity in playing options. Individuals can get the party going by making the most of these chess-themed shot glasses, checkers, and cards. Make up your games and rules by adding variations with the playing cards. Never thought of drinking shots and playing a mental-focus game, right? Each glass of this shot glass chess set has prints of the chess piece on either side and can be used separately while drinking with your friends.

Stir things up, get the bottle spinning, and see who can last through a game of drunk chess. Do you have a big group? They can play poker while you work your brain out.

Key Features:

  • Can be transformed into a chess or checker set
  • Shot glass chess set with prints have diverse uses
  • Poker cards include the possibility of variations
  • Shot glasses hold approximately 45 ml (1-1/2 oz)

4. Maxam 33PC Glass Chess Set [Toy]

Maxam 33PC Glass Chess Set
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The 13-3/4 by 13-3/4 inches Maxam 33PC unique glass chess set has been manufactured, keeping in mind all kinds of chess advocates – beginners, professionals, and those who prefer to stack up to their collector collection. The luxury glass chess set would be up to 1 cm thick, but keep in mind that it is not made of see-through glass. Depending on your home décor and ambience, these glass chess pieces may fit right in. The pieces also have a decent weight, giving you the real feel while playing a match.

It is delivered with thermocol and cardboard packaging, but it can prove to bring some damage to your pieces. However, once set up, the reflections and refractions from either the sunlight or additional LED lights will make you thank your choice.

Key Features:

  • Standard sized chess board (35 cm x 35 cm)
  • Glass board and glass piece radiate elegance
  • Low pricing provides a high-quality toy for kids
  • 32 refractive glass chess pieces are provided
  • Excellent for surfaces with a front and 2 oversized rear wheels

5. Zatiki Games Luxury Glass Chess Set

Zatiki Games Luxury Glass Chess Set
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Are you looking for one of the best glass chess set, or have you been looking for glass chess sets? Trademark Games Elegant Glass Chess Board comes with 2 gaming options. Either use the chess pieces or get your hands on some checkers! The chess pieces are divided into clear glass and frosted glass pieces, 16 pieces of each. There are 24 checkers divided into frosted and clear glass types. Each game of glass chess and checkers set that you play will seem like a royal affair.

Trademark Games have ensured to impart a type of crystal chess set look to give the sense of 2 intelligent minds battling it out on the board. The checkers can be considered as toy marbles or toy balls, but make sure you keep these pieces away from your little one.

Key Features:

  • King piece measures 2.5 inches in height
  • Chess pieces have foam feet for smooth maneuvering
  • 2-in-1 board game options – checkers or chess
  • Pieces are divided into a clear and frosted glass
  • Foam addition prevents scratches on the chessboard

6. Gamie 14 Inch Glass Chess Set

Gamie 14 Inch Glass Chess Set
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Gamie 14 Inch glass chess and checkers set is one of the only combined glass chess and checker sets that can also be used by children who are of the tender age of 8. All the standard elements of 32 chess pieces and 24 checker coins are included. To maintain the bright and attractive look of the glass chessboard, the chess pieces are divided into 16 clear and 16 frosted glass pieces. The same design has been adopted for the checkers too.

Irrespective of whether you are a frequent player or not, this best glass chess set can be one of the unique glass chess set to be kept on display. If you, your guests, family, or friends, want to knock a game, hop onto the chair, and the appealing design will immerse you.

Key Features:

  • Glass material is of top quality
  • Design includes clear and frosted chess pieces
  • Bonus game checker can be played too
  • Glass board is bright and of see-through material

7. GKanMore Glass Chess Set

GKanMore Glass Chess Set
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If you are sick of scrolling through the best glass chess set that include only clear and frosty chess pieces, then GKanMore Glass Chess Set can offer you something different. This product is unique in possessing the chess pieces as frosty white as well as black! Relief right? GKanMore Glass Chess Set has made sure that people who play on this board do not have to stress their eyes to figure out and differentiate in the soldiers on the board.

The chessboard acts as a mirror for the players. Each alternate square provides a different quality of view of the opponent’s face. Get sneaky and make use of this mirror hack that lets you watch your opponent while he/she thinks!

Key Features:

  • King height is 3 inches
  • Chess pieces are divided into frosty and black
  • Glass chess pieces pass on a comfortable sensation
  • Glass chess table is very detailed
  • Almost standard board size of 15×15 inches

8. Glass Chess Set, 3 Sizes (7.5/10/14 Inches) Elegant Design

Glass Chess Set
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GamieTM Glass Chess Set Elegant Design is ideal for adding extra flair and interest in your chess games. Due to the high durability of the components, it stands to be a fair candidate for the best glass chess set among our lot! Depending on your reason for purchase and how often you play, you can choose either 7.5 inches, 10 inches, or 14 inches chessboard. The chess pieces are equally divided into frosted and clear designs. Moreover, the presence of felted bottoms keeps the ‘scratches’ issue at bay.

Pieces can easily be moved across the board due to the high quality felt attached. This luxury glass chess set offers effortless elegance as an assured attribute that you can gift a friend or family member.

Key Features:

  • Its elegant design makes every game extremely worthwhile
  • Quality and relentless craftsmanship ensures top-notch glass finishing
  • Anti-scratch pads attached to every piece promises stability
  • Designed to provide an alternate option – collector’s item
  • Attached felted-bottoms for effortless maneuvering across the board

FAQs for Best Glass Chess Set

Q. What color chess pieces are you comfortable playing with?

A. Chess pieces can be black, white, frosted white glass, clear white glass, brown, cream, etc. This completely depends on personal preferences. Moreover, the placement of your chessboard while you play will decide what color is more convenient. Chess pieces in Galss Chess Board will reflect due to sunlight or tube light in the room. This can be a problem for the people having an issue with an additional glare. Ideally, chess is played using white and black pieces for clarity among soldiers.

Q. What material chessboard are you looking for?

A. Official chess boards used in tournaments are made of cloth. However, to provide diversity in different kinds of chess boards for the people who play for fun, there are different materials used. Wooden chess boards inspire an old school and historic vibe to your chess game. Metallic boards have magnets under the chess pieces and are usually the most pocket-friendly of all. Plastic chess boards are usually given to kids as a plastic chess game set. Our personal favorite is the glass chessboard, as it proves to be extremely elegant home décor, with an option to play whenever you like.

Q. What is the ideal size of a glass chess board?

A. According to official rules and regulations, each square is sized between 2 and 2.5 inches, whereas the king has a height of 3.375 to 4.5 inches. The official chess boards used in globally approved tournaments measure approximately 18 by 18 or 20 by 20 inches, respectively. Depending on your reason for purchase, you can either buy a small, medium or large board. It works the other way around here as children are usually given the larger boards, and adults prefer to play on smaller boards.